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Awaken Pure Inspiration Yoga Mat

Awaken Pure Inspiration Yoga Mat

$ 19.99 $ 99.00

Awaken Mats are designed by Boulder, Colorado artist Gregg Lauer. Gregg's amazing designs take your practice to a whole new level!

The mats have been yoga-teacher tested and approved to provide the right balance of stickiness. 

Every Awaken yoga mat also has a unique "invitation" that accompanies the mat, creating an extra energetic dimension to empower your practice.

  • 71" x 24" x 3/8"
  • Eco-friendly PVC construction

The invitation of this mat is to discern what is ‘Pure Inspiration’. We can be inspired by many things around us, beautiful people doing cool things, promises of stuff advertisers say will make us happy, or we can be inspired in a deeper way.

At a fundamental level, the energy of life runs through us, vertically, up and down our spine and body.

Connecting vertically we can receive the inspiration that illuminates our own unique journey – not the way others have done it, but our own way.  This mat invites you seek the pure inspiration of your Source, of your Truth within, to find authentic joy and peace.

Gregg Lauer, Artist

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