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Awaken Equilibrium Yoga Mat

Awaken Equilibrium Yoga Mat

$ 19.99 $ 99.00

Awaken Mats are designed by Boulder, Colorado artist Gregg Lauer. Gregg's amazing designs take your practice to a whole new level!

The mats have been yoga-teacher tested and approved to provide the right balance of stickiness. 

Every Awaken yoga mat also has a unique "invitation" that accompanies the mat, creating an extra energetic dimension to empower your practice.

  • 71" x 24" x 3/8"
  • Eco-friendly PVC construction

The invitation of this mat is to feel how your practice helps support your sense of balance and equilibrium.  Peace of mind is dynamically related to how we feel in our body, and the sense of calm we experience from regular practice. Equilibrium is a dynamic state that comes and goes, and it’s a state we must tend.  When we experience stillness after our practice, be it in savasana pose, in meditation or as we continue our day, we get a glimpse of our natural state of equilibrium.  May your practice bring you ever deeper into your natural state of inner peace.

Gregg Lauer, Artist

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