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About Us

Bold Mats is located outside Boulder, Colorado, and despite being in a place known for having many enthusiastic yoga practitioners, was actually named after it's bold and artistic printed yoga mats.

Yoga offers incredibly positive benefits for the mind, body and spirit. Whether you practice yoga once a week or once a day, we all understand how amazing it can be. Everyone has their own experience practicing yoga, and that is why we created bold, artistic yoga mats, with unique designs that allow you to express your individuality!
We are here to serve your yoga needs--whether it's custom printed mats for your studio or company, a beginner kit, or a great outfit to wear to class. We source great gear and deals, and offer the best brands in the business. Our own exclusively designed mats offer graphics you won't see on every website, and they are latex free. Our inks are heavy metal and phthalate free.