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Awaken As Above So Below Yoga Mat

Awaken As Above So Below Yoga Mat

$ 19.99 $ 99.00

Awaken Mats are designed by Boulder, Colorado artist Gregg Lauer. Gregg's amazing designs take your practice to a whole new level!

The mats have been yoga-teacher tested and approved to provide the right balance of stickiness. 

Every Awaken yoga mat also has a unique "invitation" that accompanies the mat, creating an extra energetic dimension to empower your practice.

  • 71" x 24" x 3/8"
  • Eco-friendly PVC construction

As you practice with this mat you can choose to feel into your sacred connection to the world. Many indigenous cultures saw Earth and all beings on it as sacred. The skys, oceans, mountains and deserts were sacred, all of life was held as sacred. 

You can choose to receive insight into your sacred connection with the sky, stars, water, ground and all the elementals that surround you. May your practice be empowered by the truth of your connection to the Earth, and who you really are!

Gregg Lauer, Artist

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